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Thembalethu’s bright stars

Many bright stars have passed through the doors of the Thembalethu Inner City Play Project in the centre of Joburg.

One such star is 22-year-old Theo Danny Ndlovu from Hillbrow, who is in the process of self-publishing his first screenplay.

Another is  Panashe Mukwambo, a 17-year-old who loves writing and dreams of becoming a famous author.

Theo and Panashe spent most of their childhoods in Thembalethu, being nurtured into greatness by JCW staff like coach William Secwammung.

“Being part of the project helped me gain confidence and discover my other strengths, through programmes like drama, theatre, debate and dance,” says Theo. He has great creative talent and ambition; and has set up a production company, TCP Art Productions.

Panashe moved to South Africa from Zimbabwe when she was six and has spent many years playing sport and netball at the project.

“The Project became my home. It helped me mature on many levels. I have developed great communication skills, listening skills and I’m more flexible when socialising with other people. I’m glad to call the people at Thembalethu my family.”

Panashe is awaiting her matric results and is keeping busy by writing and exploring different genres of literature.

“Coach William always encouraged me to write. My mother believes I can be the next Danielle Steele,” she says.

These rising stars are already giving back by working with children in the programme while they chase their dreams. We thank our donors, one and all, for nurturing young talent at Thembalethu.

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