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Kids are doing it for themselves

Thembalethu is our inner city project where children can play together in a safe space, tucked away from the negative influences of the area.  They learn many things here, such as life skills, camaraderie and sport, and take part in tournaments with other centres.  

The programme closed for lockdown and the children flocked back when we reopened, gleeful to return to their safe haven.

Unfortunately, the centre looked like a disaster zone. People who are not allowed into the centre had taken advantage of our absence.

The children did not let this get them down. They take pride in their centre and set to work cleaning it up. It‘s now hygienically cleaned and children are happily taking part in their sports and community activities once again.  Thank you for this slice of happiness!

We would be grateful for donations of cleaning agents and outdoor equipment to ensure that Thembalethu  continues to be a safe and joyful place for our children.

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