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A message from our CEO

Are you feeling stressed and anxious about Covid-19? I certainly am! The virus and lockdown have wreaked havoc on our social, health and economic systems. 

We’ve been forced to respond to this deadly enemy in ways that are foreign to most of us. We’ve changed from big group meetings to small group meetings and tele-support.  We’ve distanced ourselves from friends and family. We’ve learnt new terms such as ‘flattening the curve’ and ‘viral shedding’.

Unfortunately, JCW’s fundraising efforts have been hard hit. We’ve had to make serious adjustments to our budgets. These are trying times indeed!

But it’s in times like this that people like you offer us hope and encouragement. Even though many corporate donors and trusts have been forced to reduce their level of support, we know they wish they could do more.

And I know that you would love to do more too! Don’t forget, every little bit helps. If everyone chips in and donates as much as they can each month, then we can keep our ship afloat.

Your support is vital to keep the wheels turning, the children fed, healthy and happily occupied.

So if you’re passionate about keeping South Africa’s children safe, please lend your support to Jo’burg Child Welfare wherever possible. And please look after yourself. Together, we will overcome.

With kind regards,

Keep safe!

Margot Davids

Jo’burg Child Welfare CEO