Sexual Abuse Treatment

Our Child Abuse Treatment and Training Services (CATTS) unit is a specialised division of Jo’burg Child Welfare that provides preventative and treatment services to children, families and adult survivors of sexual abuse.

The effects of child sexual abuse are often long-term and may include post-traumatic stress, cognitive disorders and emotional distress ranging from depression to anxiety and anger. Victims may also experience an impaired sense of self and develop antisocial behaviour in an attempt to cope with the chronic trauma. Sexual assault can also lead to interpersonal conflicts and suicide attempts.

The very core of our work in the CATTS unit lies in helping these victims of sexual abuse. Our highly skilled social workers and social auxiliary workers communicate with victims, families and loved ones to support them during the healing process through casework, group therapy and community engagement.

Our services also include risk assessment, psycho-emotional assessments, therapeutic interventions, family and victim support, and school and home visits.

We also assist adult survivors of sexual abuse by offering them therapy and containment.

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