Leave a Legacy; be a Member of Jo’burg Child Welfare

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children – Nelson Mandela

We invite you to become a Member of Johannesburg Child Welfare Society (JCWS), a leading child-protection NPO in the country.

The negative effects of abuse on children are monumental. Exposure to aggression and violence socialises children into lifestyles that perpetuate violence in society. Violence also results in lowered social cohesion and impacts on the country’s social and economic development. Given this, the child-protection services rendered by JCWS become an important lifeline to not only the children we assist but impacts the country’s social cohesion on a macro-level.

Your active engagement and support will enable us be able to leave a lasting footprint by creating a safety net for the country’s most vulnerable citizens – children.

Membership of JCWS is voluntary and entitles the member to vote for the Board of Management, or to be voted onto the Board of Management if the member is willing.

An annual membership fee, which presently is R114.00 is payable by 31 August each year.

Please click here to download the form  and use our secure online payment system or send proof of payment and return form to  marketing@jhbchildwelfare.org.za


BANK: Standard Bank of S.A. Limited

ACCOUNT NAME: Johannesburg Child Welfare Society

BRANCH: Library Gardens


ACCOUNT NO: 000790060

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