Othandweni Family Care Centre

Three kids together

Othandweni Family Care Centre in Soweto is home to 30 children in the nursery and 60 children in the five cottages on the property. At this facility, Jo’burg Child Welfare provides a safe and loving environment for all of its residents by catering to their emotional, spiritual, and educational needs. We strive to provide these children with a well-balanced, stable home.

One of the best parts of Othandweni is the “Granny Programme,” introduced in 2011 in partnership with Spence Chapin. This innovative programme allows “Grannies” (or ‘gogos’, as we say in isiZulu) from the local community to spend quality time with specific children at the centre. These women provide much-needed nurturing to the children, helping them learn how to form the positive social attachments that are key to early childhood development. They also help children develop life-long relationship skills that will empower them to become well-adjusted members of society. The “Granny Programme” has been so successful that other non-profits across the country are using it as a template to establish similar programmes at their organisations.

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