As projects and initiatives are required we develop these within our centres and service departments. These are some of our current activities:

A Chance to Play

Childhood play activities are recognised as the medium through which relationships are formed, consolidated and worked through, as well as teaching children essential life skills such as teamwork and working towards goals. The areas surrounding our centres situated in the inner city and townships with virtually no areas where children can play safely. However, through Jo’burg Child Welfare’s (JCW’s) “A Chance to Play” initiative, children in these areas are able to gather for the purposes of play, under the guidance of a full time play co-ordinator:

  • Inner City
  • Eldorado Park
  • Kliptown
  • Mandela Square
  • Slovo Park
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Mentorship Programme

Jo’burg Child Welfare has established a mentorship programme, which works with the children of Othandweni Children’s Home to provide them with the guidance and support they need from an adult figure. The mentors serve as role models and assist the mentees through the challenges associated with maturing into an adult, with an emphasis on career counselling. Jo’burg Child Welfare provides the mentors with support throughout the mentorship process. This includes induction training; an ongoing support group for mentors; and access to a social worker for guidance and oversight. The mentorship experience can be deeply rewarding and fulfilling to mentors as they are able to give back based on their life and work experiences, thereby having a lasting impact on the future of the mentees. Each individual interested in becoming a mentor is required to submit an application form. All applicants are screened and successful applicants are assigned mentees, the allocation of which is at the sole discretion of Jo’burg Child Welfare. Both mentors and mentees are required to sign a contract to formalise their commitment to the programme for two years. This allows for a trusting relationship to be formed without the risk of one of the parties disappointing the other.

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Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Forum

South Africa ranks as a country with one of the highest HIV infection rates as a consequence, the impact of HIV/AIDS has become a serious threat and a major crisis in our society. Of particular concern is the impact that the pandemic has had on our children. Not only do children lose parents or guardians, many children also face losing their childhood due to the emergence of child headed households. Social welfare organisations play a key role in addressing the plight of OVCs, the emergence of Community Based Organisations (CBOs) has made a significant impact in caring for our vulnerable children and give them hope, support, education, good health and a better life to become productive citizens of the country. The purpose of the OVC Forum is to build capacity of CBOs and to enable them to reach a point of running operations more effectively and with good governance, thus serving the children within their own area of operation successfully. JCW’s OVC Forum model comprises a monthly mentoring and training schedule specifically designed to empower and inform on topics such as business, governance, fundraising, play and life skills, dealing with children on ARVs, dealing with behavioural problems, to name but a few. OVC Forum members are able to share information and problem solve with JCW playing an advisory and supportive role.

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Advocacy and Lobbying

With JCW’s Advocacy initiatives, we aim to give children a voice. Through our advocacy co-ordinator, the agency is able to maintain active involvement in legislative and policy processes relevant to the work being undertaken by the agency. JCW is a committed participant in the Gauteng Welfare, Social service and Development Forum, as well as on several other local and national social service structures.

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Human Trafficking

JCW takes the issue of Human Trafficking extremely seriously and is therefore extensively involved in advocacy and lobbying activities and networks that deal with the issue of human trafficking. As a member of the Southern African Network on Trafficking and Abuse of Children (SANTAC), JCW has added a strong voice to addressing this massive challenge.

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