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Important notice:

Jo’burg Child Welfare (JCW) has been rendering child protection services since 1909. Our mission is to care for and protect vulnerable children.

 JCW is outraged by the video of the Ninnies Neuron Nursery School in Carletonville, which has been reported in the media, as we do not condone abuse of children in any form.

We are aware that the Early Childhood Development center has been closed by the Gauteng Department of Social Development (GDSD), which they have the legislative mandate to do.  The GDSD has the legal power to register and conduct oversight visits of all Early Childhood Development Centres.

As Jo’burg Child Welfare we will continue to ensure the protection and safety of the children in the Greater Johannesburg Area, which is our area of jurisdiction.

As part of our preventative measures, we offer parenting courses which provides parents and others, appropriate methods of positive disciplines. 

This situation highlights the need for any persons working with children to be registered and checked under the National Child Protection Register in line with the Children’s Act 38 of 2005.

Jo’burg Child Welfare (JCW) will continue to respond to any reports of abuse within our area of operation.

If you are aware or concerned of any similar actions, please report this to your nearest police station and Department of Social Development as a matter of urgency. Should you come across cases of abuse neglect or abandonment of children, in the greater Jo’burg area, please refer the matter to Jo’ burg Child Welfare at 011-298 8500 (Child and Family Unit Department)

Thank You

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Jo'burg Child Welfare (JCW) is a non-profit organisation (NPO) founded in 1909. We provide a range of direct services to abused, abandoned, neglected, orphaned and vulnerable children

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